Tanzania, U.S. Commandos Enhance Counter-Terrorism Skills

Tanzania, U.S. Commandos Enhance Counter-Terrorism Skills

THE Head of Armed Forces training for Land Forces Command (LFC), Brigadier General Iddi Nkambi has urged the Tanzania and US commandos to appropriately utilise the skills gained from a joint training in their work.

He made the call in Dar es Salaam yesterday while closing a Joint Combined Exchange Training (JCET) between a US Special Forces Detachment and members of Tanzania’s Marine Special Forces at the Peacekeeping Operations Training Centre in Kunduchi.

“This training should transform and lead you to better performance, let it link the Tanzanian army with that of the US,” he said.

Brigadier General Nkambi said the six-week exercise was the first of its type between the US and Tanzania since 2017, the training has equipped the soldiers with skill to tackle international crimes including terrorism.

For the six weeks, the US and Tanzanian forces trained side by side to strengthen skills such as small unit tactics, marksmanship, medical treatment, unit manoeuvre, the Law of Armed Conflict and the preservation of human rights in combat.

“As you are aware that the terrorist now uses new tactics, therefore this kind of training is crucial in ensuring you are equipped with crucial skills to tackle any threats,” he said, adding that the joint programme was a continuation of the partnership they have been in for seven years.

In his part, the Commander of the Tanzania People’s Army Command, Lieutenant Colonel Cliff Kulya, said the training involved officers and soldiers with special commanding skills in Tanzania and American commandos.

It provided an opportunity for both Tanzania and the United States to learn as they exchanged skills to deal with crimes that disturb the nation.