MI6 - British Foreign Intelligence Agency - is Looking for New Spies

MI6 - British Foreign Intelligence Agency - is Looking for New Spies

If you’ve recently been out to the cinema to see No Time To Die and fancy yourself as something of a James Bond, we’ve got some good news for you, because MI6 - otherwise known as the Secret Intelligence Service - is actually hiring.

That’s right, you could fling yourself into the world of international espionage. What a career 180, right? Of course, it won’t be exactly like it is in the films. all, 007 breaks a lot of rules, and many of the things he does aren’t exactly high-level espionage, are they?

That said, you’d be in for a starting salary of more than £35,000, a decent amount of annual leave, a good pension, and several other benefits that you might expect a decent job to provide.

On their website, whilst dispelling some of those popular myths about the intelligence industry, the job description for MI6 Intelligence Officer reads: “You might think you already know MI6 or that you already know what an Intelligence Officer does."

But actually, our work isn’t about high-speed chases or high-stakes poker. It’s not danger, drama and dry martinis. "It’s about joining an inclusive, supportive team that works together to gather, deliver and use intelligence that helps people all over the world. "

It’s genuinely fascinating and rewarding work, every day. "You could be working with government departments to identify intelligence requirements."

Or planning and managing an intelligence gathering operation."Meeting contacts at home or overseas with information we need. Or reporting that intelligence back to our customers in the UK government.”