ISCAP Dangerously Reappears in Mozambique

ISCAP Dangerously Reappears in Mozambique

ISCAP dangerously reappears in Mozambique. The pro-ISIS jihadists, following the offensive by the Rwandan troops, fled to Tanzania. Attacks in Cabo Delgado are now resuming. Still aiming for Mocimboa da Praia?

ISCAP jihadists return to reappear in northern Mozambique after the Rwanda offensive in Cabo Delgado which forced them to disperse.

In recent days there have been two attacks by militiamen in Niassa, on the border with Tanzania.

In the first four people were beheaded and in the second a Christian village in Mecula was set on fire.

According to intelligence sources, the pro-ISIS terrorists fled to Tanzania after the offensive by the Kigali troops.

Now, after reorganizing, they have returned to Mozambique and are again trying to extend their influence in the north of the African country.

The jihadists have so far been moving inland parallel to the borders, but it is feared that they may soon try again to focus again on Mocimboa da Praia, recaptured by the regular forces only in August 2021 after the city and the port were controlled by fundamentalists for a whole year.