French Counterintelligence Prevented Attempted Coup d’état in 2021

French Counterintelligence Prevented Attempted Coup d’état in 2021

In France, the General Directorate of Internal Security of the country prevented an attempted coup d’état. The change of power was planned by ex-deputy of the Democratic Movement (MoDem) party Remy Daye, who was detained in October on suspicion of organizing attacks on vaccination centers. This is reported by the French newspaper Le Parisien, reports TASS.

Remy Daye / Le Parisien

Investigators investigated Daiet’s connections and concluded that he had created a “terrorist community” with a network of branches throughout France. It consisted of current and retired police, gendarmerie and military officers.

According to the investigation, the supporters of the ex-deputy planned to gather groups of like-minded people from all over the country in Paris, equipping them with police shields and homemade explosives. They planned to seize the Elysee Palace, the buildings of the Parliament, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of the Armed Forces. In addition, the conspirators hoped to seize some TV channel or radio station in order to broadcast their propaganda from there.

The ex-deputy launched an active propaganda of his views and calls for an uprising at the end of 2020, when he was hiding in Malaysia due to suspicions of organizing the abduction of an 8-year-old girl. It is alleged that he recruited supporters and coordinated sabotage, for example, against 5G towers.

Daye in April 2021 sent a message to some French MPs with slogans that “the republic is no longer the dominant idea”, “the hour of reckoning has come” and “overthrow [власти] the people is inevitable. ” Only one parliamentarian applied to the prosecutor’s office, after which an investigation began.

Former MP’s lawyer Jean-Christophe Basson Larbi denies any terrorism charges against his client.

“Remy Daye only called from Malaysia for the peaceful and popular overthrow of the existing political system in the framework of exercising his freedom of expression and conscience,” he said.